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    FINAL Platypus Diaries Part 10



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    FINAL Platypus Diaries Part 10

    Post by qiheitiann on Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:26 am

    This is the tenth/final entry in the diary of my pregnancy. Because it would amount to many pages of reading to cover September through to the present day in one post, I've broken this up into readable bits. Here is part ten:

    Platypus Diaries #10

    7 April, 2010

    The toddler book tells us there isn’t much we can do to prepare cheap jerseys from chinachild number one for the arrival of child number two if child number one is under two years old. Still, we will try.

    Among the various suggestions is the advice that we purchase a somewhat realistic doll and stoller/carseat/crib for the doll so that our toddler can have a baby of her own with which to play and nurture.

    Tonight we presented a (scary realistic) doll and stroller set to our little toddler.

    The result?

    The stroller was a huge hit.

    The doll didn’t fair so well.

    The presentation of the two items was made with dolly strapped into stroller. blackhawks jerseysAfter pushing the stoller gleefully around our apartment, our toddler decided that the extra weight in the front was unnecessary. She pulled at the doll until it was freed and she looked at it momentarily before flinging it to the floor and proceeding with her stroller antics.

    A second attempt to reengage her interest in the doll was made and this time she accepted the doll from daddy’s hands and proceeded to grab it by the neck and knees before tossing it into a piece of furniture.

    The third introduction resulted in dolly’s eyes being poked and a fling again to the floor. This was then followed by a round of something resembling CPR.

    Madden is now asleep in her cot. The stroller is lovingly tucked away with miami heat jerseysher favorite toys. Dolly is unceremoniously laid in a heap somewhere on the floor near the kitchen sink.

    This isn’t looking good.

    21 April, 2010
    If I would have known that March and April were still going to be summer (very unusual here), I would have definitely purchased more summer pregnancy clothing. My fall clothes are just being worn by hangars and may never touch my skin.

    April 22, 2010
    ONE DAY left at work! Yeah. I love that. Unpacked the car of all its nfl jerseys cheapgear yesterday and hauled it all up to the office. Finally, I have a backseat again and a back cargo compartment. Who knew there was all that space. Goodness, it needs a serious cleaning though. Once a year for the inside cleaning probably doesn’t cut it. I’d best put that on Eric’s “to do” list.

    24 April, 2010
    Madden had her first haircut today. Eric’s been urging it and I’ve been resisting. However, today I caved and we took her to the mall.
    This is how the experience went:

    The haircut itself is not good and reflects the non compliance of the customer. Now our beautiful daughter has a modified mullet…just in time to be captured forever with the first photos of her new sibling. Barrettes and hair bands to the rescue please!

    1 May 2010
    My friend Ady is in labor as I write this. I am so EXCITED for her and her husband Mick.cheap jerseys Their toddler daughter is at our home for the night and she and Madden had a great time playing and chasing each other around and around our apartment. They each have little dolly strollers and it was like a derby in here. Eric and I just sat in amazement at the noise level and amount of squealing. Is this what our future holds?

    2 May 2010
    Proud to announce the safe arrival of my friend’s little baby boy, Flynn. Mick came over to our place this morning to pick up his daughter and bring her over to meet her little brother. I asked him how it all went and his reaction was that he didn’t want to have to lie to me and so it was better if I didn’t ask him any questions.
    I will add that he looked as if he had just stormed the beach at Normandy. A Shell shocked man indeed.
    Luckily, after speaking with Ady, her perspective was quite a bit better.
    Mick’s response to Ady’s positive remembrance of the whole experience, “Endorphins.”

    4 May 2010

    Me: “Hey, Eric, have you seen my maternity sweatpants?”

    Loving Spouse: “What do they look like?”

    Me: “They are the ones I have been wearing almost every day now…HUGE, Black,
    generally hard to miss!”

    Loving Spouse: “I think they are in here...hanging up in the bathroom.”
    Me: “Um… that would be my swimsuit.”

    Loving Spouse who is now in trouble: “Oh, oops.”

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